Standby… [2016.02.02]

Sooooo, typical Kelly. I went and got myself injuried. And of course, it would be on a ski hill, in a remote town 6 hours away from Tokyo where English-speaking nurses and doctors are a dime a dozen.

The short story: fell on the hill and broke my pelvis. And my right arm is insanely bruised or the muscle is ripped or something. But iono because a) I’m still wearing my long sleeve underlayer I was wearing 36 hours ago and b) it hurts like a bitch to sit up, which, is the only way I’d be able to change. So it’s going to be a mystery for now. Currently laying immobile in a hotel bed waiting to hear back from the insurance company.

So, plenty of time to blog!

Long story: fell on the hill and broke my pelvis. Laid on my left side for what seems like ages waiting for rescue to come get me. I kept trying to wriggle my toes to make sure there was no mega mega injury because, you know, always thinking about the worst that could happen. Was in quite a bit of pain but was still talking. So eventually just started being, probably overly, optimistic and thinking that maybe I was just megaly bruised and had skated by with nothing broken. Though, S also thought the same thing as he said I wasn’t crying as much as someone with a broken bone would. NO. SUCH. LUCK.

Eventually snow rescue came and wrapped me up in the little tin foily thing they wrap people up in. Had plenty of time to cry on my way down the hill all cocooned in by myself. Got shoved into a back seat still on the gurney thing and got driven to a nearby clinic.

Got to the clinic and waited. Got “treated” by an older Japanese doctor that essentially just told me to STOP CRYING. Literally the only 2 words he said to me. I feel like I was doing pretty good on the not crying thing until they started to manhandle my broken areas. Their getting me to the proper position for getting xrayed was essentially just pushing my hips into position (note: broken pelvis). And it was extremely painful. So yeah, there were some tears.

When we were all done, they rolled me back out into the hallway while S got me my papers and painkillers. Had to go pee, so asked for a wheelchair. Big mistake. Those chairs are too damn low and I can’t get into them without being in pain. Ended up just hobbling to it with crutches. They gave me a pair of slippers (comes back into the story later) to wear into the bathroom.

So, we were in the waiting room trying to figure out where we should stay for the night as a) can’t go back to the hostel – being on the top bunk of a cramped dorm room really wasn’t going to do it and b) apparently my bones weren’t displaced and I don’t need surgery, which, meant that they were just going to kick us out. We were looking online to see where was the closest when they (all the nurses) just started ushering us out. Apparently they were closing and have already called us a taxi. Which, okay, we get it. So, we booked a hotel quickly on and made way to leave. Now, they still hadn’t given me any painkillers to consume at this point and all movements were hella painful. So slowly limping along with crutches towards the exit. At one point I decided crutches were too painful so I got S to support my right, injured side to help me along. BAD IDEA. The tiny Japanese nurse took it as I needed my left sided supported too and scooted underneath my arm. AND THEN JUST STARTED SPEEDWALKING TO THE CAB. It’s like they couldn’t get rid of us fast enough. And all the nurses were giving me ridiculous looks when I was expressing my pain audibly. Said speedwalker Japanese nurse then essentially just shoved me into the back seat of a cab. I tried to sit but was too painful. So, kinda made way to rollover and maybe try laying on my back. I don’t know, just trying to get into a position that wasn’t too painful. But NYOOOPPPE, apparently ain’t nobody got time for that. Essentially just got shoved into a kneeling position with my feet close to the hinges of the back door:

And at which time, the nurse started very aggressively to pull their bathroom slippers off my feet.

Priorities: slippers = #1, patient care = not even on the list.

So, that’s my experience with the health care in Japan.

Thank god S is here, whose be great dealing with my occasional pain induced sobs and feeding me pain killers.

Super bummed I’m a) ruining someone else’s vacation, b) gonna miss R’s wedding in India, c) gonna miss my Oz trip with the girls, and d) in so much pain.


To be continued….



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