Transit Day [2016.01.19]

Universal truth: young people hates it when the older people in their life are right about stuff. #amirite

After leaving home for exactly 2 months with my giant pack, I’ve finally admitted defeat that it is, indeed, too damn heavy.

So, after making V go through my bag with me and give me tough love on what I need and don’t need, I’ve managed to shed 5kg off my pack.  That’s like the weight of a massive baby. I’m an overpacker fo sho.

Still too heavy. But, it’s a start. Sheepishly asked my uncle to meet me at the airport (to have dinner together!), but also to take my extra 11lbs of clothing home for me to grab another time.

So, had dinner (mmm…roast goose rice) at the airport and checked in for my 5am flight to Japan. AND JUST HUNG OUT AT THE AIRPORT. Tried to sleep but no dice. 😒

2016.01.18 Sleep Log: slept on the plane ride from HKG to NRT.  Maybe a solid 2 hours?

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