Aussie Roadtrip: Sydney [06.01.2017]

We spent only 2 nights in Sydney and T.’s cousin wanted to show us the sights, it was very cute!

J a n 0 6

We slammed quite a bit of touristy stuff into a full arvo. Had a great brekkie at the house, then we were off to the….ūü•Ā…SOH!

2017-01-06 11.14.39 1.jpg

We walked to¬†Mrs¬†Macquarie’s Chair¬†and people watched all the beautiful people jogging on their lunch break (who does that?), ate lunch at The Australian Heritage Hotel¬†for their exotic meat pizzas (I think we had the Coat of Arms and the Australian, which was emu & kangaroo and crocodile, respectively). To be honest, it just kinda tested like pizza¬†ūü§∑.

We then took a ferry to Darling Harbour (for some of dem bridge views) and ended our #touristing at Paddy’s Market.

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I then went down to Newtown to meet my old BFA mate C. from CALGARY, who moved to VANCOUVER, who happened to be in SYDNEY for a conference, that happened to coincide with us passing through on our roadtrip, who, I haven’t seen in like 4? 5? years! How crazy is that??

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Sydney Summary: #bigoltourists
Duration: Jan 06

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