2 year anniversary…

Soooo…Facebook tells me that it’s been 2 years since I left on my travel adventures and started this blog…which, of course, leads me to feeling guilty about not having updated. In. So. Long.

I’ve had a month off and did not evenΒ try to write a post. Mainly because I was off exploring Sydney and busy trying to re-energise (I know, spelling things with a “s” instead of a “z”, I’m slowly being brainwashed by the Aussie ways) myself, but partly because I’m a procrastinating dum-dum (the amount of time I’ve let lapse since my last post is just so dang long).

yultI know, I know, the more I put it off, the more daunting it will be. I even have some draft posts that I thought would give me a kick in the butt (it didn’t), but I really would like to commit myself to update here with my 2017 moments (all. of. them.) before this year ends. I actually quite like the documentation of it, does that make me narcissistic? I hope not. Can I use my goldfish memory as an excuse?

I need to do posts on:

  1. Aussie Roadtrip: Victoria Highlights
  2. Aussie Roadtrip: NSW Highlights
  3. ADDITION: Sydney, NSW
  4. Aussie Roadtrip: Queensland Highlights
  5. ADDITION: Attica (omg, how did I forget)
  6. Moving to Sydney
  7. Popping in back home
  8. Birthday campin’
  9. Brae
  10. Blue Mountains campin’
  11. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Haven’t hit double digits…so…that’s something?Β totally double digits, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten somethings too…



One thought on “2 year anniversary…

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