Leg 8b: Shanghai, China [2016.01.18]


  • Fat, adorbsies, Asian babies err’where #ovariescanteven
  • Cute dogs in funny outfits everywhere
    Exhibit A:
  • Starbucks baked goods are actually better than they’re back in Canada. Which, let’s face it, not hard to beat
  • Got served an ice cream cone on my flight back to HK


  • Man clipping his nails on the plane from Seoul to Shanghai. YEAH, nails
  • Lady refusing to let me get up out of my seat before trying to escape to the plane aisle, which, was being occupied by the air hostess’s metal cart. Proceeded to straddle my lap for an uncomfortable amount of time
  • Chinese airlines like to ban the usages of mobile phones on their flight (airplane mode of course) but, somehow, laptops are allowed
  • All the Chinese tourists’ blatant disregard for the carry-on allowance
    Exhibit B:
    imageYOU’RE ONLY ALLOWED TWO EACH. One tiny and one normal sized. NOT 3 giant duty-free goods bag each.
  • Security bag check machines at every metro station. Literally just so people have a job, where’s the value add? #onceaconsultantalwaysaconsultant
    Just guess how much I didn’t want to do that with two metro line transfers from the airport to our hostel with my giant ass backpacks. Though, platform wall sits:
  • My hostel mattress had blood ink probably blood let’s say ink stains on it
  • V couldn’t fit in her hostel bunk bed (lol)
  • Dorm mates were disgusting and left gross used napkins everywhere
    Exhibit C:
  • A lady wearing a fur coat decided to elbow me to make her way into the line up for breakfast baos. I’m not above throwing elbows back at ya lady. Especially if there’s hot, delicious baos involved
  • Men people horking all over the streets. The ability to hork disgustingly loud in public places does not discriminate between the sexes
  • Smog headaches err’day
  • NO AIR CON IN HOTELS?!?! That’s not what I paid for Sheraton. #fail

Special aside – third (click for first + second) awkward massage experience: being told to shower before the massage but the only shower in the couple’s massage room (yup, again. I apparently can’t escape them) was a super transparent glass one. Saweeeeeeet. #friendshiplevelup

StayPeople’s Square Youth Hostel – looked nothing like the pictures. Run down and dirty. Had originally booked 3 nights, but peacccced after one night. Or, well, more accurately, 5 hours of attempted sleep.

Stay: Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Daning – I love having Platinum status. Gotta make the most out of it this year before it goes away (wah, wah). The good: got upgraded + free breakfast. The bad: No AC + ended up getting 3 mysterious (spider?) bites. Get it together Sheraton.

Shanghai, China Summary: So, my love for China is still zero. Everything is just such a fight in that country. Though, I do still want to go back and check out the rest of China. I think I would enjoy rural China much more for some reason.
Duration: Jan 15 – Jan 18

2016.01.15 Sleep Log: the creakiest dorm beds ever. And V didn’t really fit, which made for a lot of moving around on her part, and a lot of creaking on the shitty bed’s part. So, not the best sleep. But I think I fell asleep a couple of times
2016.01.16 Sleep Log: nooooo sleep. Totally didn’t see that coming, thought a cushy, hotel bed would be a homerun. But, no AC = no sleep for Kelly. The coldest the room got to was 24 degrees, which I seriously doubt the accuracy of that thermostat display to start with. Asked for a fan but was told that the hotel didn’t have one. Much annoyed.
2016.01.17 Sleep Log: didn’t sleep again. Fun. This night, the hotel magically procured a fan, but no dice. Plus, woke up with three bug bites. Blerg.


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