Tokyo: Ippudo Roppongi [2016.01.21]

I’m currently sitting in a hospital – waiting for my follow up on my multiple fractures. Appointment time was for an hour and a half ago. I’m probably not even half way into the time I’m going to have to wait. Oh, sweet Canadian health care, how tardy art thou. I’m also typing on my shitty laptop that is apparently at 0% battery (what the how?). Plus I’m out of coffee. #moarcoffee

Anyways. Back to Japan. I’ve been quite the tardy blogger. So hereeeee we goooo.

Ippudo Roppongi. Ippudo is a Japanese ramen chain restaurant that first started in Fukuoka, Fukuoka. The first Ippudo opened in 1985, and now there’s god knows how many globally.

Kelly, you ask, why are you eating in chain restaurants? Because. Chain restaurants in Japan surpasses the quality of any chain restaurants you’d find in North America. Hell, I’ve had better chicken from a Japanese convenient store than I’ve had at some restaurants in Canada. So, yeah, shaddup.

Well, there’s that. But I also wanted to compare it to the New York one. Is Japanese food in Japan actually better? #lifequestions

Yes, yes it is.

2016-02-22 05.53.46 1.jpg

Both the broth and noodles are better. If my memory serves me well (which, let’s face it, it may not). Plus, the Roppongi chain had FREE pickles. Free noms are plenty important when travelling on a (kinda, loosely made up in my head) budget. Plus, plus, way a wee cheaper than the stoopid inflated NYC stoopid Canadian-USD exchanged price.

¥1200 gets ya the Shiro Shiromaru Classic. This is the original tonkotsu ramen. Broth iz cooked for 18+ hours and left to “mature” for 24 more hours to extract the yummytown taste of the pork. Said broth than acts as a glorious hot tub of sorts for the homemade, Hakata style thin noodles.

Japan: ¥1200 = CAD $14.15
NYC: US $15 = CAD $19.92

Dat exchange rate makes me cry.

Total star count: still 3

Address: Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 4−9−11, 第二小田切ビル1F‎
Telephone: 03(3356)4534
Open: 11:00a – 4:00a


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