Brittle bones [2016.03.01]

I think I’ve been subconsciously avoiding my Japan posts. I’m going through a little lot of travel withdrawal. I mean, I love that I get to see my fam and friends. But, it sucks being stuck at home with nothing to do. I can’t even work out. Well, I can’t even walk straight or lift things above my head. Stupid fractures. Oh yeah, my shoulder is now fractured as well on top of the whole pelvis fracture thing.

Got x-rayed in Japan for the shoulder, but was told that it was fine. Got back into Canada and got x-rayed in the hospital for the shoulder, but was told that it was fine. And when it still hurt a week later, I had to hobble myself to my family doctor, get a requisition for an ultrasound (assuming that it was soft tissue, and not the bones), wait another week to get an ultrasound appointment, get ultrasounded, came up with nothing, and got x-rayed again. Turns out, it’s effin’ fractured.

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And then, on top of that: the x-ray technician felt it was necessary to tell me that there were fluids in my joints and made it sound real scary. So, I had to book another appointment with my family doctor so that she could tell me about the fracture. Book the appointment, goes in to see her. And, essentially was just told that she was going to refer me to a ortho specialist. It’s really great that I had to hobble in to see her just so that she could tell me that there was nothing she, specifically, could do for me. Though, she did also feel it was necessary to tell me that every time my arm was hanging downwards, gravity was making the fracture worst. Again, with the making it sound scary bizniz.

So of course, wait another two weeks to see the ortho specialist. Waited 3 hours in the waiting room past my appointment time. And then the doctor just told me everything was pretty much “fine”. Oh, everything is finnnne. Bones are set, not much could hurt it more, just work on mobility, etc., etc.. So my many trips to the doctors and for what? Just, fineeee.

Canadian health care is kind of frustrating some times.

Then my chiro told me that my right ass muscle is atrophying from the lack of use. Can’t have that. I’m not down with an uneven booty.

Also, I woke up today with phantom shoulder pain – must have fallen asleep on it stupid.

Also also, the not making money and not travelling thing is a little hard to swallow.

Womp womp.

I guess a month is enough time for me to get over it.

Need. To. Blog. About. Japan.

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