Idiot Sandwich Resolved [2016.02.15]

Just had a bittersweet brunch with C & T, my would be travel buddies for Oz, this morning. They’re off to our sweet Aussie adventure, while I’m just sitting here like someone with a broken pelvis.

Wah, wah, all this feeling sorry for myself (not really) remind me of another time that I was (not really) feeling sorry for myself. I figure now, immobile and stuck in YYC, is as good a time as any to give an update on the whereabouts of lost cash stash. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read -> Idiot Sandwich.

So, after my initial frantic phone call to the Sheraton Maldives, 29 emails and 19 days later, a vastly reduced amount of money was wire transferred into my bank account. They had to convert my Canadian money into Maldivian Rufiyaa (which, best name for a currency ever) and then convert the Rufiyaa to US Dollars (which, bruts). And because our sweet, sweet Canadian dollar has taken a massive hit in the market, my once colourful wad of cash has turned into wee tiny numbers in my bank account.  Like, for serious, just look at this awful downward slope.

So from when I lost my cash stash to when I got it back, I lost, okay, actually, not that much. 5% of the original value. AND if the CAD keeps dropping, I might actually make some money as it is now in USD.


P.S. I still have to do my Tokyo post and some restaurant review posts, so hopefully by the time I’m all caught up – I’ll be all healed and ready to go again!

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