Idiot sandwich [2015.12.14]

Sometimes, I’m a big facking dum dum.

Sooooo, guess who left a giant sum of cash moola in her hotel room? And boarded a plane with said money in her hotel room? And flew to another country with said money still in her a hotel room that is no longer her’s?

At least it was with the Sheraton at the Maldives. OF ALL THE PLACES. I think I was quite lucky.

So. I like to hide cash in places that is not my wallet. In case I get robbed. Like my secret cash stash. And when I did my final check before checking out, it was:

  • Wallet? Check.
  • Passport? Check.
  • Phones? Check.
  • Super secret cash stash? Check. NYOOOOOPE. Did not happen. I think #resortlife made me soft.

Left hotel. Boarded plane. Arrived in Sri Lanka. Went to look for my cash as I thought the visa upon arrival was cash only. Proceeded to internally freak out a little about my missing #cashstash. Tried to call hotel from Google Talk over shitty airport wifi. No luck. Ubered to hostel. Tried to call hotel from Google Talk over shitty hostel wifi. No luck. Finally just asked the hostel owner if I could pay to use her sweet, sweet Nokia 3000 to call. A $3 phone call later, confirmed that I was indeed an idiot sandwich and left a ridic amount of cash in a hotel room.

Now, they found the container that the dough was stashed in but I was debating hard about if I should tell them about the cash inside or not. Because, you know, thievery.

I ended up telling them. Since you can’t really mail cash can you?

Still awaiting to see if I ever see this huge sum of money back again.

PRIZE: If you can guess the monetary amount that is my stupidity, I’ll send you a postcard from my whereabouts. Possibly covered in my tears.

Don’t tell my parents.

Remained eerily calm through out all dis. Ever since I got my phone jacked in Cambodia, I’ve learned to not stress about things I cannot change. #lifeskills

2 thoughts on “Idiot sandwich [2015.12.14]

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