Leg 4: Furanafushi Island, Maldives [2015.12.14]

The reason for my many small legs: me getting to my weekend away at the Maldives. It’s balls ass difficult to get to. Well, for not an arm and a leg anyways. Cheapest flight in was from Bali and cheapest flight out is to Sri Lanka. Soooo…booked and booked.

With all the travels I was doing for work right before I quit, I was able to earn three free weekend nights anywhere the Sheraton had a property. So naturally, I just went through their list of resorts and picked one of their most expensive ones.

I also got a sweet upgrade to a beach front cottage. Beach access: literally 30 seconds.

I literally just did nothing for three days. This is actually probably going to be a short post.

I had amazing sleep. King sized bed. Blasted AC. No noise, no distraction.
Walk along the beach in the morning to breakfast.
Buffet breakfast.
Lazed around the beach, swam with fishes, snorkelled.
Had lunch next to the infinity pool.
More beach/scuba/paddle board/spa.
Drinks at the lounge.
Watched sunset.
Outdoor shower/bath – which btw, this bathroom = #lifegoals.

Rinse n’ repeat.

Not too shabby town. Good reminder that I can’t be unemployed forever and that I like nice things.

They also let me drive their giant-ass 20 person speedboat on the way out. #justcallmecaptain

Summary: ummm…take me back? Pretty please?
Duration: Dec 11 – Dec 14

2015.12.11 to 13 Sleep Log: Slept like a dreeaaaammmmmm


4 thoughts on “Leg 4: Furanafushi Island, Maldives [2015.12.14]

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