Leg 3.5: Changii Airport, Singapore [2015.12.11]

Checked my bag in at DPS – got waaay excited because the baggage scale said that my bag was like 4kg lighter! Proceed to congratulate myself on job well done.

The guy sitting behind me on the plane from Depensar to Singapore was having serious sinus problems. Not even germaphobic and it grossed me the fuck out. He has sniffing up all his business but it sounded like he had no nasal cavity. Grody. Like straight from nose to throat.

Forgot Didn’t even think to purchase an airport transfer. Stupid budget airlines. Had to collect my luggage at SIN, go through immigration, and re-check in. At this counter, my bag regained the 4kgs. Obviously the scale at DPS was off as I only got rid of a windbreaker (intentional), a sweater (unintentional), and a lock. Which, obvi, does not weigh 4kg. #wishfulthinking

Thought about leaving the airport and going into the city à la Anthony Bourdain. But since I’ve been to Singapore before, decided to stay in the comfort of AC. Might do it in KL if I book directly from Colombo to Phuket.

Ate way too much food (bowl of roast duck noodle, and 6 dumplings?). Debated paying for a 5 hour lounge pass. Decided against it because with my sleep habits, my sleep could be just as shitty as sleeping in the free lounge chairs.


Stayed up until 2am looking into hotels for India. Fell asleep hard. Woke up at 7am because asshole family of like 20 decided that headphones are optional for watching videos and Skyping in public.

Went to get breakfast and coffee. Totally wasn’t paying attention to the time and luckily decided to mosey my way to the departure gate. Turns out, it was way passed boarding time and the gate was almost closing. Proceeded to get yelled at by the Tigerair employees, which, I was relatively okay with it as I was being a big idiot.

Had to throw out the coffee I had just bought.

Way to almost miss the most important flight Kelly. It’s the Maldives you dum dum. #getittogether


Summary: probably the best airport to have a long layover in
Duration: Dec 10 – Dec 11

2015.12.10 Sleep Log: surprisingly decent for airport sleeping

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