The waiting game… [2016.02.03]

Playing the waiting game is not my forte. Especially when I have nothing else to do but a) lay in bed, b) eat while laying in bed, and c) take my daily 10 steps to pee (which, FYI takes about 30 minutes – the walking part not the peeing part).

Have been holed up in this hotel room for only 2 and a half days but it seems like weeks have passed. All I’ve been doing is watching Netflix (Chef’s Table – the Attica episode is a killer as it was in the works for me to join some Melbourne foodies’ reso), harassing my insurance companies for updates, cancelling flights (sad face), and consuming mass amounts of onigiri and junk food (was hoping maybe this injury would help me lose weight, but it is highly unlikely #allthechocolate #idontevenlikechocolate).


So, Kelly update: will be flying home on the fifth. Into Vancouver. Then I have a sweet, sweet 10 hour ground transport from Vancouver into Calgary because I’m unable to sit up for an extended period of time. And apparently the #NRT to #YYC direct flight was full and the next available one wouldn’t be until the 10th (but they fly every Wed, Fri, Sun…so skeptical at insurance company…). 

Anyways, will be coming home nevertheless.

Pain level updatemy right butt cheek is so sore. I don’t know if I’m over compensating or what. Or if it’s just bruised. Hurts when I move. Can’t lay in any other position but on my back. Yelps of pain getting in and out of bed for my daily pee walk. Right shoulder is hurting more and more by the day. Both sides of neck is tight AF. Painkillers running dangerously low.

Flight cancellation updates:
Etihad AirwaysTokyo to Bombay. Easy pease cancel for me. No refund. Though S called to cancel his flight but then just got a flight confirmation a day later and we had to call back. Don’t understand how something that took one person 20 minutes to do for me, took another person like an hour to do for S. Actually, scratch that, do understand: #consultantlife, some people are just incompetent…

Accoms in Bombay cancelled no problem. India visa out of pocket. 

Score: neutral I guess? +1 for me, -1 for S. Oh except calling the UAE over Google Voice is balls ass expensive. So -1.
Status: complete and awaiting to see what insurance covers.

Air IndiaBombay to Jaipur. Cancelled super easily. Even got like a super tiny refund.

Score: two thumbs up.
Status: complete and awaiting to see what insurance covers.

Air Asia: New Delhi to Sydney. I never thought another airline would be as incompetent as AC on the customer service front. I will never again book a flight with Air Asia. I’ve spent over 4 hours trying to get my flight cancelled. No one in the call centres have the authority to cancel. And the numbers to a bunch of their call centre numbers that they have posted online don’t even work. Australia: doesn’t recognize when you enter options. Japan: just plays the message on loop. India: number is just plain not operational. Malaysia: NOPE. Hong Kong: got through and was told that they don’t do cancellations? So I tried their livechat option. There’s consistently 100+ people in the queue. Waiting to get through. Was told to go through their eform – which is a broken form that does not submit. I went through all the different browsers and cleared all the cache and cookies. No dice. And then I was told by the livechat agent that I should go through their Facebook and Twitter. Dafaq? Why does a company’s social media accounts have more authority then their livechat representatives. Oh, it turns out, they don’t. Just got told to use their broken eform. Air Asia, yo operations are wack.

Score: so many bags of dicks.
Status: still facking open. I don’t think they realize that I have literally nothing better to do but blast their social media channels on their incompetence for the next 40 hours.

Flights still to be cancelled:
Virgin Australia: Sydney to Gold Coast
Virgin Australia: Brisbane to Hamilton Island
Qantas Airways: Hamilton Island to Sydney
Air New Zealand: Auckland to LA

Hopefully these will be easy as they’re all through Expedia for TD. Air Asia took a lot out of me. I need to mega nap first.

Oh hey, silver lining: at least I’ve been sleeping?



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