Northern Tasmania, Australia [01.11.2016]

lol, I will just start every post with “man, I’m lazy af”, because, I am. Like, zero accountability to keep this up to date…I’m the worst¬†ūüíĀ. At this rate, I’ll get to my “New Years” post in June…ūüėÖ.

Annnnnyways, back in late October last year I went to Northern Tassie with M. over the long weekend. We ended up booking an outdoorsy tour with Take Shape Adventures. We had done a hike bushwalk with¬†Tracey and Adrian in the Bunyip State Park¬†(I’m the one in pigtails that wouldn’t stfu), and really liked the idea of an active¬†vacation.

Anyways, off we booked the trip! The price might seem a little expensive but it was worth it to us to not have to suss out all the trails and be afraid that we’d get lost.

But yaaaaay Tassie!

2016-10-29 05.35.36 1.jpg

Day 1

Arrived at the airport, headed straight to the¬†Cataract Gorge¬†–¬†a unique natural formation in¬†Launceston. I¬†abseiled for the first time. It was a hoot.

I think we were supposed to go to a winery that day but didn’t make it in time before it closed, so we just went back to our accoms, scavenger hunted with the crew, and hung out with some fatty farm animals.

Day 2

I got woken up by a sheep…you haven’t experienced ‘straya until you’ve been woken up by sheep…

We headed to Bridal Veil and Champagne Falls early in the morning:

Bridal Veil and Champagne Falls are near Cradle Mountain, it was a fairly easy walk – takes about 3 hours return. We then also checked out¬†Kimberley’s Lookout and the murals of Sheffield before heading in for the night.

Day 3

This day was my fave day Рwe did a steep 6km return climb to Quamby Bluff. There were rainforests, vast rock sprees, and alpine scenery, oh my! The weather was kind of shit but I still really enjoyed the climb. Reminded me (kinda) of the hikes back home.

M. and I also failed pretty hard at kayaking that day. But to make up for it, we found:


TRAPPPPPP PICS. And proceeded to be giant lame dorks. Cos: Trap DVDs.

Day 4

Day 4 was flight day, so we kept it pretty easy with a trip to Westmoreland Falls, Alum Cliffs, and a picnic in the park!

All in all, I really liked the tour. I wished that the hikes were a little more difficult (but I understand that they had to cater to a wide group of people with different fitness levels). Would recommend if you’re lazy like us and don’t want to plan anything! T&A took care of everything – the food, the travel to and from locations, the hikes, the accoms, we essentially paid to not to think and it was pretty awesome!

Stay:¬†Mole Creek Cabins¬†‚Ästcute, quaint, fat animals. And, trap pics.

Northern Tasmania, Australia¬†Summary:¬†Amazingly beautiful, can’t wait to return!

Duration:¬†Oct¬†29 ‚Äď Nov¬†01

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