Grampians + Wilsons Prom, Victoria, Australia [Sept, Oct 2016]

Catching up, catching up! This is not so much a post but a “look, I did it” interlude. What I do have to say doe, is, don’t do these┬átrips on those stupid day-trip travel tours like I did. For both the Grampians and Wilsons Prom: the drive out is brutal, you barely get to spend any time in the nature, you get hurried along like cattle ­čÉä, and most likely than not, end up eating┬ádirty gas station food.

Grampians [Sept 2016]

Wilsons Prom [Oct 2016]


Grampians + Wilsons Prom, Victoria, Australia┬áSummary: I’d really like to do both again just as a weekend trip, in a car, and taking my sweet time.

Duration: Sept + Oct

2016-09-11 09.53.35 1.jpg


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