Torquay, Victoria, Australia [18.12.2016]

I went on my first camping trip in Australia with a bunch of ex-co-workers back in December. My contract had just recently ended (early Dec), so it was really good to have a chance to catch up with everyone!

We got a couple of campsites at the Torquay Caravan Park but some family ended up parking their RV on one of our sites, so we all just squished into one. Which, we turned into a giant circle of tents – worked out well for group hangs.

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The campsite was great since it was only like a 2 minute walk away from the Torquay Surf Beach – made for a good morning stroll. There was also a little kiosk at the beach where you could get coffee – this made for good “look-longingly-out-at-the-ocean-at-all-the-people-that-woke-up-early-to-surf-and-reflect-on-how-lazy-I-am” moments.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I truly enjoy the aspect of camping where you get to switch off and be offline with no temptations (re: I’m with shitty Vodafone, so I had no reception). We just hung around, played bocce, ate, and drank 😊😋😁. The weather wasn’t the most cooperative but we did manage to squeeze in a coastal walk. We did the Bell’s Track, a 6.4 km return track, from Bird Rock to Bell’s Beach. It took us a while because we pretty much stopped at every lookout – stunnnnning views:

We also took full advantage of the campsite’s amenities, like the barbie:


📷 : Nic C

But mainly, the children’s amenities:

Stay: Torquay Caravan Park – showers ftw.

Torquay, Victoria, Australia: Best company! Also, on a side note, on another camping trip, I discovered that I can fit cozily inside the trunk of a Yaris. But also also, don’t kidnap me.

Duration: Dec 16 – Dec 18


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