Creep or peep [2015.12.10]

Scootering around the Ubud country side. A local passes us and motions for us to pull over.
We pull over.
He goes on to tell us that there is a police check 5km ahead. And that we should go see this sight (couldn’t make out what it was). And that he’s going that way. And that we should follow him, gesturing in the way that we were going anyways.
We nicely tell him that no, we’re going to do our own thing.
He proceeds to get pissy with us and after we made it very clear that we weren’t going with him, he heads off the opposite way of the highway.

Being nice? Or murdery?

Skinny older man is staying in our 20ish people dorm. There’s an outside area right outside the sleeping area that a sliding door separates.
Friend comes out of shower in bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist to get her clothes. As soon as she steps out of the shower she can see that this man is lounging outside staring straight at her.
She goes to close the sliding door because she felt uncomfortable with the stares, to change, doesn’t matter.
Man comes storming in, yelling at her that she had no right to close the door and he lives here too.
She tells him that it’s not like she locked the door. He can open it back up if he wanted. She has a right to close door as she also lives here too?
They continue yelling. His solution was to come inside the dorm, lay on his bed (directly beside friend’s bunk), and continues staring from there.

My third-party verdict: creeeeeeeeeep

2015.12.06 Sleep Log: was so tired from Oz that I promptly fell asleep for a lengthy unbroken duration (I think) [+]
2015.12.07 Sleep Log: ate 3am noodles.  Fell promptly asleep. Roosters make interesting undesired 6am alarm clocks
2015.12.08 Sleep Log: has to wake up at 2am for the volcano sunrise trek. 3 whole hours…
2015.12.09 Sleep Log: was going to head to bed early but got distracted by 22 Jump Street. Maybe 8 hours? Still not enough


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