Creep or peep [2015.11.27]

First of all, never ever greet an Asian by saying “nihao”. We don’t find it endearing. Unless maybe they’re 80 years old. And especially don’t say it to young (yup, still calling myself young) ladies. We definitely don’t find it impressive. And we won’t find you cultured. Because not all Asians even speak Mandarin. Dum dum. I don’t get the end game – what are we, supposed to swoon over the fact that you know how to say hello in a language that I might or might not speak? And especially don’t yell it at an Asian girl walking down the street carrying bags of groceries from your shit car. We probably just wished that you all die in a firey car accident (hypothetically speaking, if one were to wish such a thing).

So, this is a post that is, hopefully, but unlikely, non-reoccuring. Help me figure out if dudes are #creepsorpeeps. Sometimes I can’t tell if they’re being friendly or creepy. I usually err on the side of friendly, because #canadian. But sometimes I get the gut feels of hardcore creeeeep and can’t tell if I’m just being paranoid.

So this morning, I’m in the hostel kitchen, cooking breakfast by myself. Now, this hostel is very open and also a campsite. The kitchen is a separate, stand alone building. Not sure if that matters, but thought I’d mention it anyways – added to the creep vibe for me, subconsciously. A mid-30’s (maybe older?) Kiwi comes into the kitchen and starts chatting (friendly). Introduction happens: he does maintenance at the hostel. Goes to shake my hand, I secretly wish he wouldn’t as it’s dirty and I was in the process of man-handling an avocado (I know, I know, stop being a princess). He goes to ask me what I’m doing tonight (still friendly). I tell him I’m not sure what we were doing, no plans yet. He says we should hang out and maybe go grab a beer in town because it’s Friday (still friendly?). I say potentially, one of the girls mentioned that she wanted to watch the cricket game. Thinking that that particular line of conversation was over,  I ask him if he lives in the area or if he was woofing (super popular in New Zealand where people work in exchange for accomodations). He, apparently, took that inquiry as me suggesting that we hang out at his place (WAT?). And not even an persumptous assumption on my part pre-meditating that he’s a creeper, because he says, and I quote, “I guess we can hang out at my place…it’s a 3 and a half hour drive from here”. THREE AND A HALF HOURS. DAFAQ? In what world does a conversation between two strangers that literally started a minute ago turn into “let’s hang out at a stranger’s place that’s 3 and a half hours away”????

I ono, is he creepy or am I judgmental? Verdict?

2015.11.25 Sleep Log: the tiniest dude from Saskatchewan turned out to be a cray cray snorer [+]
2015.11.26 Sleep Log: heaven. 3 girls in a 10 bed dorm. Zero snore [+]

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