Hostel cookin’ [2015.12.01]

Holy crap it’s December already. Doesn’t feel like it because, no snow. It’s weird seeing Christmas decorations up next to a house with palm trees surrounding it.

I’ve officially bumped all sides of my head on bunk beds – left front, front front, and back. This morning I’ve moved on to smashing it on my locker door. It’s going to be so lumpy by the time I come home.

I’ve tried to limit the amount I eat out here. Although Auckland is supposed to have some amaze restaurants, I’m trying to be resonsible with my “budget” (it’s in quotes because I have yet to set one except for “try not to spend that much money”). That, in my head, does not include spending $4 on coffee doe.

I’m also not very good at not spending a lot of money on groceries either. White bread is real cheap here – like a $1 a loaf. I watched one of the scuba guides demolish half a loaf in what looked like just cheese and mayo sandwiches…
Have had some amazing group cooked meals to make up for the lack of eating out:



Protein, veg, awesome tomato avocado and strawberry salads. Sounds weird but pretty delish #totesyumtown.

And of course, fresh, fresh shellfish that we picked from the river and steamed.


I’ve done some solid solo breakfasts as well:



I think I’ve cooked more here than at home.

2015.11.27 Sleep Log: Sleep was not great. New people in the dorm decided to CLOSE ALL THE WINDOWS. No airflow is the worst [+]
2015.11.28 Sleep Log:  you’d think diving the whole day would make me fall asleep easily…but NYOOOOPE
2015.11.29 Sleep Log: you’d think learning how to surf would make me fall asleep easily…but NYOOOOPE
2015.11.30 Sleep Log: got woken up by a dude dousing himself in what I suspect was Axe Body Spray. The correct reaction to which is to loudly cough awake from my slumber right? [+]

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