Hostel Life [2015.11.25]

Officially bumped the other side of my head on the bunk bed. You’d think I would learn to not unbashedly propel my forehead in upward or inward motions. #fivehead.

Also, snorers have me seriously debating mixed dorm rooms. As the ratio of women decrease, the likelihood of snoring increases. Fact.

Snorers deserve a special place in hell a snorers-only hostel room. Like one hostel room where everyone that snores sleep together. Because they obviously do not get waken up by the terrifying sounds that are radiating from their nostrils(?)… Throat holes(?). At least give me attractive men if they must snore… not (ger)man that think it’s okay to get fully naked when there are 3 other people in the room, sitting up, conversing. #notokay.

2015.11.22 Sleep Log: Slept like shit. I think it’s cos it’s getting hotter out. Plus the girl in the top bunk kept turning in her sleep and the bed creaked like a angry old woman every time [+]
2015.11.23 Sleep Log: Sleep is often made better with 2 glasses of wine
2015.11.24 Sleep Log: Snorer = shit sleep [+]

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