Travel woes [2015.12.21]

Well, Day 1 Phuket has been a total bust.

  1. AirAsia did not transfer my bag through KL properly, which meant no bag when I arrived in Phuket at 6am. Which, resulted in…
  2. Me not showering for a solid 36 hours. #sweatlife
  3. I stupidly forgot to exchange the rest of my Sri Lankan Rupees at the Colombo airport, which meant I spent my whole day trying to find a bank/money exchanger that would take LKRs. Which, resulted in…
  4. Me only eating a shitty airplane meal, a pineapple, a mango, and a coffee-flavoured milk in the span of 24 hours because of my lack of cash moola.
  5. In my inability to make decisions and not booking my advanced open water diving course, the two companies are now fully booked because of Christmas season. Which, resulted in…
  6. Me having no idea what I’m going to do in Phuket now…I guess it’s moar beaches for me.

A bunch of shit happened. Or I guess didn’t happen. But I guess it’s not that bad.

Holy shiiiit, it’s expensive to take out money in Thailand. The Thai banks like put another TEN dollars of surcharge of all withdrawals.

Also, I totally forgot that the number of old, fat, white men with young, skinny, Thai girls is a soul crushing amount. I always wonder if they enjoy the old, saggy man balls when I walk by a couple. Which, is, let’s face it, waaaayyyy too many times to be wondering about mismatched sweaty sex.

Oh, and some girl at my hostel stole my sandals. So now I’m wearing her sandals. Which, is uncomfortable.

2015.12.20 Sleep Log: kinda slept on the plane? My 6 hour flight probs resulted in me sleeping for at least 2 hours (riiiiight? That seems reasonable).

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