Old af [2015.11.20]

I never feel quite as old as when I stay in a hostel. Apparently between the two HOHO (hop on hop off – can never really escape from acronyms) bus companies I inadvertently picked the “older person” tour. Which, good job subconscious Kelly. Can’t deal with 18 yo crashing into hostel rooms at 3am being loud af and flipping all the nights on. Mama needs her sleep. Also, saw a fresh 16 (must be) 18yo today sporting a column of hickies down his neck. I shivered in disgust. For realsies.

Two reasons I can’t party wit the youngins no more:
A) I’ve picked activities like scuba diving that has INSANE start times (but getting my open water dives in on Sunday and Monday – much excite)
B) I have no desire to drunkenly make out with any of these pimply faced teenagers #notreallythereason #butkindofyes

Today I ventured out to Paihai and kayaked to the Haruru Falls.


Made our kayak guy pick oysters out of the River for noms #thefreshest.


After failing miserably to get under the Falls, the oysters were a good consolation prize. Also made the driver crank the heat against his will because I was not adequately prepared for the cold and wet that were my clothes.

2015.11.18 Sleep Log: Solid long ass sleep [+]
2015.11.19 Sleep Log: 5 hours? Lots of wake ups because of restless hostel mates

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