Losing a day [2015.11.18]

Sweet, sweet part about crossing the international time line is that a whole day disappears. It’s like I’m the Doctor and my campanion is hundreds of grumpy economy class travellers (medicore Doctor Who reference curtesy of Peter Capalidi apparently being in Auckland this week). I’m apparently a 20 minutes bus ride from downtown Auckland, so blogging on the bus it is. Trying to figure out what to do for my 14 days in New Zealand. Was going to campervan around the north island by myself but the French man that served me a lunch sausage (yes, yes food innuendo) paternalistically¬† convinced me that it would be a sketch thing to do. Also, I don’t really want to drive given my recent driving record. So hop on hop off bus it is.

Oh, update on my flight wishlist:
Get upgraded for my upcoming 13hr flight to Auckland = a big fat NYOOOOPE.
Get an entire row of seats to myself = Was in a row with a family with two tiny humans but got moved to a row with an empty middle seat. I consider that a win.
Be able to not sit right beside the toliets (my current pedicament) = got moved to a row in the front and snuck in usage of the business class washroom, which was TWICE the size of the inferior economy class ones. Double win.
Sleep the whole flight = slept probably 8 hours on and off? So no complaints. ANZ had a sick entertainment list. Watched Ballers with the Rock and procurred my new favourite line on a TV show: “sling some D”.
No crying tiny humans = crying humans but not excessive.
No fire-y deaths inside a metal tube = still alive. Triple win.

2015.11.16 Sleep Log: On and off 8 hours on the plane.
2015.11.17 Sleep Log: Dafaq?

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