54 thoughts I had while watching Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards

Okay, so I’m a little slow on the “Battle of the Bastards” bizniz. But I was swamped at work, so here we are. Besides, maybe I’m just in time for the SEASON FINALE that’s coming up. Stoopid being in Australia, am going to have to avoid the social meds all day so I don’t see any spoilers.

54 thoughts I had while watching Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards:

  1. Lolz, poor Tyrion looks like a schoolboy that just got in trouble for yanking some girl’s ponytail.
  2. Like, iono, Dany’s plan sounds pretty legit.
  3. Some heavy wild fire foreshadowing rn.
  4. “My reign has just begun.” Emilia Clarke gets the most bomb lines.
  5. Drogon is such a beast.
  6. D’aaaaw bb dragons.
  7. Dang, Dany’s got some grip strength.
  8. Urg, Grey Worm is so baus.
  9. Ramsay’s smug face is so hateable. Like it’s just begging to be punched.
  10. Lyanna Mormont’s face is pure RBF πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡ #bowdown
  11. Jon Snow’s pitch was pretty much “me, you, bike racks”.
  12. Ramsay’s got tiny dainty hands.
  13. You’d think Shaggydog’s head would be real rotted by now.
  14. “You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.” #ladyboss lines all day.
  15. Sansa needs to stop fucking sulking and share her #creepylittlefinger plans.
  16. LOL, Jon Snow patience? Yeeaaah fackin’ right.
  17. Does anyone else think dat Tormund Giantsbane would be the best big spoon ever?
  18. Dude. Rickon is as good as dead.
  19. “Don’t do what he wants you to do.” Deaf ears, Sansan, deaf ears.
  20. D’aaaaaw Tormund is such a qt with the whole literal demons thing.
  22. Sad Davos, but, the most epic of shots.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.01.43 AM.png
  23. Yara is also joining the #ladyboss line partay.
  24. Urg, men need to stop referring to their “big cocks” like it’s a goddamn present.
  25. IRL too please.
  26. Ramsay Bolton = trap master
  27. JS’s eye sight must be pretty dang good. I’d be like, who dat?
  28. IT’S A TRAP!
  29. Rickon you little fuck, ZIGZAG!
  30. You actually know nothing Jon Snow.
  32. Dang, Ramsay’s eye sight’s good too.
  33. Jon Snow is like that one scene from the Matrix right now. Except, you know, with a bijillion more arrows.
  34. Probs not the best use of time rn to double stab ppl, JS.
  35. Why does Wun Wun not have a tree or something? Like he should’ve probs collected some rocks or something to throw into the army.
  36. So 300 rn. Half expecting them to go A’oo! A’oo! A’oo!
  37. Was totes hoping that the Umbers would blindside Ramsay with some Northern loyalty. Much disappoint.
  38. How ironic would it be if JS got trampled to death by wildlings?
  39. Gasping for air in a sea of men? I want dat.
  40. Yeah, Tormund, you Mike Tyson his ass.
  41. Urg, Littlefinger’s face is also asking for a throat punch.
  42. Who knew Kit Harington would get sexier baked in dried blood?
  44. Ramsay, you dick.
  45. What’s with the Stark boys making giants die for them? #holdthedoor
  46. When the giant’s death was way more feels than Rickon’s.
  47. YAAAASSSS punch the shit out of him JS.
  48. Dat Stark banner rolling out is so satisfying.
  49. “You can’t kill me. I’m part of you now.” #prochoice all day.
  50. How’d you know about the dogs not eating for 7 days Sansan? YOU RODE OFF AFTER YOU DROPPED YOUR LADYBOSS LINE.
  51. Yeah, you watch him get eaten Sansan, stone cold.
  52. ‘atta girl, who needs when the Lady of Winterfell is making mama proud?
  53. Dat smirk doe.
  54. So many lady boners for the ladies of GoT tonight. Yara? YAS. Dany? YAS. Sansa? YAAAAAAAS.

In the words of Queen Bey:


Did I stay up late to make GoT memes? You bet your sweet ass I did. #noshame

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