31 thoughts I had while watching the Bachelorette for the first time

Still waiting on a couple of pieces of information before doing a “moving to Australia” post. But in the mean time, with all this waiting, I have a wholeeee lot of free time on my hand. And Australia has free television channels. Sooooo, T and I have dedicated Tuesday nights as our roomie-bonding “Trashy Tuesday” nights.

I’ve never seen any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series before this. We watched the season premiere last week and it was pretty redonk. I kinda get why people love/hate watch this show. The people on it is so outlandish. I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon. But in the mean time, here are 31 thoughts I had while watching the Bachelorette for the first time:

  1. Urg, the Canadian is the worst.
  2. Dang, Luke is cuteeeeee.
  3. Holy shit, it’d be really embarrassing if the firefighter doesn’t win this challenge.
  4. Robby (?) (Robby? I wasn’t really paying attention), your hair is the worst.
  5. Uh, Chad and the Canadian just had a little circle jerk sesh there.
  6. Is the girl version one as catty? Meeeee-ow. Dem boys got sass.
  7. Who dis on the single date?
  8. Like zero recollection of him.
  9. “Since my last relationship, I haven’t been able to open up….” but I decided the right way to do it was on national television.
  10. “Hey let’s make out in front of this fountain so we can get this sweet silhouette shot”
  11. JOJO IS ONLY 25?!?! Damnnnnnn girl, you young.
  12. Omg, so cheeseeee.
  13. Well, we all know what book Chad reads. Dummy, no one likes “The Game” references.
  14. That’s 4 traits Jordan. Learn to count buddy.
  15. Chad keeps talking about how no one has dated a beautiful girl before. We get it, Mr.  Subtle, you’re insinuating that YOU’VE dated beautiful girls.
  16. Oh shiiiiiiiit, Chad is throwing down. #comeatmebro
  17. Man, James, dat smile line 👌
  18. Shit, you could totally make a drinking game where you drink every time Chad insinuates that everyone else wasn’t “real” or that everyone has never dated/seen/been in contact with a beautiful woman or that all the other guys are sensitive right after he was being a whiney dum-dum.
  19. Man, she’s macking on err’oneeee tonight.
  20. Chad is such a mopey baby. What a douche-nugget.
  21. Urg, that viagra guy has the grossest goatee.
  22. Lololol, I still don’t get why the one dude’s occupation is “Bachelor Superfan.”
  23. Chad knows how to play mind games mang.
  24. Oh Alex, you cute, but it’s a competition. Just chill.
  25. Who said “just lunch meat?” Dude, no judgment. I’d be down.
  26. IV of meat?! I’d also be down.
  27. Why are all these men shaming him for eating?? #notcool
  28. WHAT IS THE CANADIAN GUY’S GAME? He’s just pretty much sucking up to the alpha.
  29. Omg, Chad’s like this horror story that never goes away.
  30. V. happy that “hipster” is gone. Much creep.
  31. Get the “freak” out? Com’on Erectile dysfunctional specialist guy.
  32. Chad, ending Trashy Tuesday with a drink a la #18. 🙌

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