Hakuba: Sumou Tei [2016.01.31]

Didn’t manage to eat chanko-nabe, sumo wrestler stew, back in Tokyo – so definitely gave it a whirl in Hakuba.

Chanko-nabe is essentially just a one-pot dish that’s eaten by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet. I most definitely don’t need the weight gain but delicious food is delicious food. It’s pretty much just like Chinese hot pot anyways. Cook at the table, wait for the dashi to boil, add the meats, boil soup, eat.

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So. Much. Food for ¥3,980. It was also the first time in a long while that I had some decent fresh veg in Japan. It was definitely a struggle to finish it all.

S. and I also ordered horse sashimi because I might as well eat another unconventional mammal, eh?

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This was also not delicious, like the whale. Cold and slightly frozen (backs up my giant mammal theory), tasteless, ick.

Sumo-tei is run by a former sumo wrestle…here he is gracing us with his signature-for-tourist sumo pose. We totes didn’t ask for this photo, he pulled us aside as we were leaving to take this. #lol

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Address: 3020-837 Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture 399-9301, Japan
Telephone: 02(6172)2270
Hours: Mmm…#iono

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